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Global Health, Research, Institutional Travel

Sankofa Travel is proud of our dedication and specialty focus on global travel planning and management to our global health, research and institutional travelers. Our commitment begins with expert fare construction which includes access to thousands of government, humanitarian and consolidator pricing sources which bring tremendous value to our Sankofa Travel clients. We provide unparalleled services. Please feel free to contact us.

Executives, Consultants, Finance

Our Sankofa Travel Published Airfare Guarantee* is just the foundation for our executive and corporate travel clients. Whether you would like information for an individual traveler (entrepreneurs and other professionals) or for a small to midsize business, Sankofa Travel is pleased to offer a full range of travel management services including our revolutionary, SANKOFA TRAVEL CONCIERGE SERVICES™. Please feel free to contact us.


Exceptional management of the global travel planning process (reservations, ticketing and reporting) is our core business. We are experienced travel experts who provide value by reducing travel costs and increasing traveler security and comfort through our unique and trademarked SANKOFA TRAVEL CONCIERGE SERVICES™. We serve professionals in business, global health, research, government and education markets.

What People Are Saying

I've communicated with my Sankofa concierge at some unorthodox hours and they are ALWAYS available, solve the problem, and makes me feel as though I am their ONLY customer. My Sankofa Travel Concierge, Daniel strikes me as a man of highest integrity."...

David J

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